CEO greetings

CEO greetings

'Completion of strong medical company,
fulfillment of social responsibility,
trusted company'

Hello? First of all, thank you for visiting Nanoomtech Co., Ltd.
Nanoomtech is a company that produces medical devices by practicing life respect.

Nanoomtech Co., Ltd. is a slogan for 'Strive for safety, technology and quality, to be a trustworthy product, ultimately creating value for customers and to become a global company,' in order to complete a strong medical company and fulfill its social responsibilities. We are concentrating on strength.

In addition, we think that each one of our products can save valuable life of our customers, and prompt follow-up management practice, we are calling for the best quality products that can be trusted and used by our customers, I am engraved in my chest.

Also Nanoomtech Co., Ltd. is not only proud of its small success but always pursuing its founding philosophy, vision and values ​​consistently with the humble attitude as the first time. As a trustworthy company fulfilling its social responsibilities, I promise to do my best.

We always listen to customers' visits and opinions. Welcom to visit Nanoomtech Co., Ltd. again.


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CEO Choi Mu Jin