Vision :Completion of strong medical company /
Value :Completion of social responsibility

We will be a leader in the global market.

Completion of strong medical company

Nanoomtech Co., Ltd. is a slogan for 'Strive for safety, technology and quality, to be a trustworthy product, ultimately creating value for customers and to become a global company,' in order to complete a strong medical company and fulfill its social responsibilities. We are concentrating on strength.

Trusted Company

This is because every single product of our products can directly and indirectly affect the valuable life of our customers, so we can not be at a loss, and as a mission to reach safe, top-quality products and defect-free products that our customers can trust and use, This is because they are engraved on the heart of employees.

Completion of social responsibility

We firmly believe that we will always do our best to be a trusted company that fulfills its social responsibilities by continuously pursuing its founding philosophy, vision and values, and further creating value for its customers and shareholders.

나눔테크 로고 일부

Red circleis the life love of Nanoomtech Co., Ltd.
Green Circle,Nanoom Tech Co., Ltd. sharing practice,
Blue lettersmean the world.
This symbolizes the vision and value of Nanoomtech Co., Ltd.
which completes the infinite value of life love and sharing practice in this world.