About us

About us

Completion of strong medical company, fulfillment of social responsibility,Trusted companies

We will be a company that respects life.

Nanoomtech Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of medical and electronics devices.
Established in 2005 as a medical device import/export and consultancy firm, Nanoomtech has taken the next step towards becoming a world class medical device manufacturer by dedicating all its capital towards the development of proprietary technologies and product lines.

In collaboration with GIST (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology), Nanoomtech researchers finalized the development the HeartPlus AED in 2009.
Nanoomtech continues to focus its energy towards providing excellent customer service and developing products that exceed the expectations of distributors and end users.

Future products, such as HeartPlus II AED and the Bone-Pro DXA (bone mineral densitometry system), will continue the tradition of providing consumers with high quality solutions at an affordable cost.

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Mission &Vision

NANOOMTECH is a promising export company located in Gwangju. Through the constant effort of researchers in company laboratory and investment into R&D sector, especially in the industry of medical instruments, NANOOMTECH and GIST developed AED and launched its localized form.
NANOOM TECH obtained six patents related to AED, and now is a company which aims to enter a global market, constantly obtains foreign certifications, and opens new global market every year.

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